Seek Sunshine with Túr Swim & Cure your Winter Blues

Seek Sunshine with Túr Swim & Cure your Winter Blues

It’s officially time to escape the frigid air and plan your winter detours. Whether traveling just for the weekend or scheduling a full out getaway, Túr Swim is prepared to outfit you. Our eye-catching prints and bold hues were developed with inspiration from some of our favorite travel destinations; so let them motivate this season’s retreat. 

Hydra, Greek Islands

Image courtesy: Four Seasons Hydra
Wear your Túr Swim The Morning Mist Short.
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Trends to Trot: Spring-Summer 2016

As we finally break away from our winter days of 2016, one cannot help but to begin to look forward to the salty sea (and rimmed margarita glass) days, summer sunsets, and starry nights. To make your transition from pants and boots to shorts and flip flops a little easier, we've done some research to make sure you're not just 'being,' but being seen. 


1) Chinoiserie, Mon Ami.

A French word meaning 'in the Chinese taste' has been omnipresent on the spring runway shows for renown designers such as Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few. This look is contingent with...

"A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities."

Túr Swimwear is a luxury men’s swimwear company that provides premium materials and designs to accentuate the new-age gentleman.

At Túr Swimwear, we provide exclusive, yet accessible swimwear for the new-age gentlemen. Our solution comes from custom tailoring and uncompromised quality materials. Túr Swimwear embodies a lifestyle of leisure, luxury, and comfort.

The lifestyle of a new-age gentlemen is progressive and constantly redefined; Túr Swimwear answers the call of this ever changing landscape. Túr Swimwear represents who you are; aspire to be – a destination.

The first time I visited New York, I sensed an air of ambition...