Trends to Trot: Spring-Summer 2016

As we finally break away from our winter days of 2016, one cannot help but to begin to look forward to the salty sea (and rimmed margarita glass) days, summer sunsets, and starry nights. To make your transition from pants and boots to shorts and flip flops a little easier, we've done some research to make sure you're not just 'being,' but being seen. 


1) Chinoiserie, Mon Ami.

A French word meaning 'in the Chinese taste' has been omnipresent on the spring runway shows for renown designers such as Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few. This look is contingent with our limitless interest with the exotic, which gives it relevance today. Chinoiserie in men's fashion highlights the well-traveled, fashion forward gentleman.

(Image 1 & 2: Marc Jacobs, Image 3: Dolce & Gabbana)

To make a swim/beach alternative to keep up with this season's Trend to Trot, pair Túr swim's Morning Mist with a grey cotton T-shirt for a simple look or a striped button down to make more of a statement. 

2) Bright, Bold, Boro. 

As seen on Junya Watanabe's runway themed 'Faraway,' this season is to be bold and bright. The line's Africana patchwork is a mixed style with the Japanese patchwork known as 'boro.' Boro is a belief held in Japan that when something has become damaged and mended, it becomes more marvelous than before.

Holi Haze embraces both the bright and bold colors while lightly reflecting the patchwork style that has been revered this season. Pair this with a light blue button down and summer forward safari hat.

3) Between the Lines: Summer Stripes.

We're loving the rising deep denim striped trend thats hitting shows this season. Companies like Engineered Garments (left and middle image) as well as Dries Van Notem (far right) are doing this trend justice. 

From a swim-take on this look, Túr has created Striated Shoreline. By adding a wave break rift in the stripe, this new design is fit for lounging poolside at your favorite resort or spending time with friends and family at a summer reunion. Pair this with a distressed, light denim button down or a white graphic T-shirt.

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