Our Fabric

Neoprene has become a popular textile-trend for many contemporary fashion designers. Also known as 'scuba fabric,' it was invented in 1930 by Dupont scientists and falls into the family of synthetic rubbers that is durable, flexible, as well as wrinkle and UV resistant. To top it all off, neoprene holds photorealistic patterns perfectly in high definition.

You're probably most familiar with the neoprene fabric that is spongey and thick for a variety of water sports. The fabric in Túr swimwear is a neoprene-mixture that offers all of the attractive qualities of neoprene, yet fulfills the needs of a swim suit. Our neoprene fabric is soft, smooth, and 1.5 mm. The thin mixture counteracts neoprene's heat-insulating effects that are popular in wet-suits. Because neoprene does not fray or slip like other fabrics, a lining is not required--but of course optional in our suits. The end product results in a figure flattering piece with exceptional body, colors, image design, and provides a luxurious fit that doesn't wrinkle or cling.