"A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities."

Túr Swimwear is a luxury men’s swimwear company that provides premium materials and designs to accentuate the new-age gentleman.

At Túr Swimwear, we provide exclusive, yet accessible swimwear for the new-age gentlemen. Our solution comes from custom tailoring and uncompromised quality materials. Túr Swimwear embodies a lifestyle of leisure, luxury, and comfort.

The lifestyle of a new-age gentlemen is progressive and constantly redefined; Túr Swimwear answers the call of this ever changing landscape. Túr Swimwear represents who you are; aspire to be – a destination.

The first time I visited New York, I sensed an air of ambition and a wave of motivation from the inhabitants of these streets. Everyone following their dream, doing whatever it takes to succeed whether it is: insane work hours, rooms the size of a closet for premium wages, or a strict diet of ramen noodles. The collective energy of this city’s inhabitants inspires one another to be better! I quickly noticed the affluent professionals always carried a briefcase or luggage with them in their hurried pace down the subway amidst the cold morning air. I thought to myself, surely they must escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives for a much deserved break. Túr Swimwear helps realize this effort. A sweet escape can be evoked by a smell, a taste, or a color – so why not attire? Inspired, I tirelessly walked between stores in SOHO, comparing fabrics, negotiating with seamstresses, hand-picking zippers, and all other components to define this “escape” to my vision. This vision became my mission.

Each print has been carefully designed and selected to bring each escape to reality. If only the new-age gentlemen can afford a few hours to relax, he can put on a comfortable pair of Túr Swimwear and escape to his rooftop, pool, beach where he feels at ease and drift away.

I am excited to introduce Túr Swimwear to the world and the experiences to follow.




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